Ada Wong Sex Doll Of Game Lady’s An Amazingly Artwork

To many PlayStation players about RE, Ada Wong’s definitely a key role you must’s miss. At the point of Game Lady Sex Doll released their Ada Wong Sex Doll, I would remind you who’s Ada Wong and what she did makes her a controversial female character in and out of the game.

Ada Wong’s an iconic character to the franchise, having a good role as femme fatale in RE2 essentially serving as a lesson to Leon to be careful who he trusts and she does fit the campy tone of RE4 with her Catwoman antics. She always has great sexy designs which has helped her appeal.

Apart from that I think she’s a terrible person who uses others for personal gain making her extremely hard to sympathise with or want to root for. She means a lot to Leon, but by the time of RE6 (which already has a multitude of problems) that game of cat and mouse has long since worn out its welcome and Ada comes off as a cruel harlot who plays with Leon’s heart and isn’t punished for it in the slightest. It’s unhealthy relationship, even Hideki Kamyia commented on her manipulation in a retrospective, I don’t think she was intended to be a likeable character. She also jars with the more horror based tone of the series, basically Carmen Sandiego in Dawn of the Dead.

Although there are several hints in the story, that Ada is actually a more complex and tragic character. Her epilogue in RE3 suggests “Ada“ is just one of the masks she wears and she has no real identity of her own, but in between missions she does give into real emotions . The remake has a similar moment where she’s dangling over the abyss and she tells Leon to just drop her saying “It’s (she) not worth it” which indicates even Ada knows she’s an awful person and hates herself for it to extent where she might not believe she’s not worthy of Leon’s compassion.

For these reasons, that make Ada Wong a real “famous” role among these players, so as soon as the Ada Wong sex doll launched by Game Lady sex doll in July 2022, it lightening get these eye sights whether in the groups of video gaming and sex doll enthusiasts.

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