Ada Wong’s Background And Past

Mysterious identity, cold oriental face, wearing high fork cheongsam and high heels from a variety of tasks, as well as and Leon chopped ambiguous relationship, so Ada becomes the most popular female role in the biochemical series. Everything about Ada Wong is completely secret, and a mystery trap by CAPCOM, the official reveal game Ada all the information is forged, including the name, only mentioning that her past is very dark. Ada Wong really appeared in “Resident Evil 2”, the police station, rookie police officer Leon was attacked by a few vicious dogs, the queen fell from the sky to save Leon, and the fate of the two entangled from then on.

I believe that most players from the “Resident Evil 2 Remake” or “Resident Evil 4” recognize the pair of protagonists. In the fourth part, Leon from the year a rookie into the President’s direct agent, and Ada is also more mature and attractive. Ada in the completion of the capture of the virus mission, encountered Leon, although the identity the two are opposing, Ada repeatedly helps Leon, and helps him rescue the President’s daughter.

Ada where there must be Leon, one to maintain justice, one to steal the virus. In “Resident Evil: Damnation”, they met in Eastern Europe. According to the intelligence, there is a possibility of using biological weapons in the war, the United States sent Leon to investigate, although the mission was announced to be over in the middle, Leon insisted to stay, determined to wait for an Ada. Finally, Leon completed the mission, and Ada stole the virus and sold it to the U.S. national security adviser Simmons, which also led to the plot of “Resident Evil 6”. Leon was framed as the murderer of the president, Ada has to solve the clone that impersonates himself everywhere to do evil, Wesker’s son and the grown-up Shirley have a bond in cooperation, and the three storylines are intertwined. This is also Ada’s last appearance in the BioShock series.

As a game character loved by millions of game fans, Ada Wong has high popularity, so Gamelady Doll launched a sex doll based on her, wanting to restore this classic game image to the greatest extent.

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