Did You Know These Things About Tifa?

Final Fantasy 7″ is one of the very popular and famous video games, a large part of the reason why it is so popular is that it has many colorful characters, especially Tifa, as a key role of her loved by many fans. So these few things about Tifa, as a fan of you know it?

1, the change of clothing
I think the team of “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” must have a lot of ideas when designing for this beautiful character. Tifa in the game as a fighter, fights scenes a lot, the development team designed her clothing can make her movements more fluid when fighting, without being hindered by clothes.

2, Tifa Doll‘s last name meaning
“Tifa Lockhart” Tifa’s surname has a certain meaning, it represents Tifa’s reserve in terms of feelings, expressing the feeling that Tifa has been suppressing her own heart and can not to others.

3, Tifa was originally designed to be a character that would die
When Tifa was first created, the development team was simultaneously considering replacing a character midway through the game. However, the character was finally decided to be Aerith.

4, The scar on Tifa’s back that should have been there
Tifa’s character design initially designed a large scar for her, and as a result of cloud went crazy. But this design was eventually removed because integrating this part of the sub-story into the overall story required far more time and effort than expected.

5, Short hair is shown in Advent Children
Advent Children’s additions to the Final Fantasy 7 lore, due to animation issues, Tifa’s hair had to be cut short, some fans said they felt a little disappointed, which also turned into a hot topic.

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