Final Fantasy 7 Remastered Tifa Aerith And Cloud Costume Unlock Guide

In Final Fantasy 7 Remastered, there is a major dress scene that shows Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith dressed up at the Honey Bee Inn, and the dresses they wear depending on the choices you make in the game’s campaign to pass the game’s requirements and unlock the corresponding dresses. If you unlock all nine dresses, players can also get the “Dressed to the Nines” achievement. In today’s blog, we will tell you as a player how to unlock these nine dresses

Unlock Tifa’s costumes
To unlock Tifa’s costume, you need to complete the side quest in Chapter 3, answer Tifa’s question, and choose between three costumes.
Answer “sporty” and you will unlock a leopard print high-cut cheongsam with a coiffure.
Answer “Sophisticated” and you’ll unlock a purple lace mini dress with high heels and gold moon earrings.
Answer “Exotic” and you’ll unlock a short black kimono with a headpiece.

Unlock Cloud’s costume
By unlocking the side quests in Chapter 9, players will receive Cloud’s costume, which varies from side quest to the side.
For completing “Burning Thighs”, you will unlock a black dress.
For completing “All the side quests of Sam of Land Island”, you will unlock a dark blue dress.
You will unlock a light purple dress for completing “All the side quests of Mrs. M”.

Unlock Aerith’s costume
Aerith’s costume depends on the number of side quests completed in Chapter 8.
For completing 0-2 side quests, you will unlock a light pink dress.
For completing 3-5 side missions, you will unlock a pink halter dress.
Complete all 6 side quests and you will unlock a red layered dress with a red floral headpiece.

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