Silicone Tifa Sex Doll Of Final Fantasy VII Ultimate Enjoyment

Game Lady Doll is a new brand of sex dolls, and they have released several of their sex dolls based on game characters from Final Fantasy in the last two months. And among the several love dolls, the Tifa sex doll brings a particularly high degree of heat.

White tank top, black super short skirt, and suspenders, this is Tifa in the “Final Fantasy 7” the most classic clothing.

Tifa Lockhart is a female character in Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remastered. Tifa Lockhart has angelic looks, a demonic body, sweet voice, slender eyebrows, large eyes, thin lips, plus a standard melon face with large eyelids, a high nose, and long black hair – all beautiful features gathered on her body.
Tifa’s character is strong and independent without losing her gentleness, usually takes care of her friends, and is a sunny and warm presence. Tifa’s cooking skills are excellent, and she uses this skill to win the welcome of every “seventh heaven” guest. Tifa’s beautiful and generous appearance actually hides extraordinary strength. She has excellent boxing skills and is a martial artist who never lets up in the face of her enemies.

It’s hard not to be shocked when the perfect game character you love so much appears in front of you in the form of a sex doll, right? Her eyes are as soulful as in the game, her skin is as smooth as milk, you can touch her, hug her, kiss her…She can always be by your side, such a scene for the game fans just fantasy is also very happy.

Tifa, such an impeccable female figure, is presented to the public in the form of an erotic doll, which is perhaps the ultimate enjoyment for avid fans, and Game Lady Doll makes this fantasy come true!

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