Game Lady Tifa Sex Doll Released A New Soft Silicone Head With Oral Function

If you would have liked to have a Tifa sex doll but hesitated because she has no oral function, then please look here, Game Lady Doll brings innovation this time: soft silicone Tifa head. And named No. 11 Tifa head

Game Lady doll released a new soft silicone Tifa head (with oral function)Tifa sex doll (soft silicone head) with a 167cm body, NO. 11

Following the release of Tifa with 167cm and 168cm, Game Lady Doll has released a new soft silicone “Tifa” head. this new Tifa head material is soft silicone with oral function, the jaw, teeth, and tongue can be moved and the mouth looks very realistic. Gamelady’s innovation this time seems impeccable in appearance, while also achieving a part Tifa sex doll lovers in oral sex needs.

The picture of the new soft silicone 11 head released by Game Lady Doll is very different from the original Tifa head. The new soft silicone Tifa head has a scene-stealing face and an expression with a distinctly sexy and shy look while in bondage. However, her real highlight is her mouth: the jaw is adjustable, controlling the opening and closing of her mouth. The tongue seems soft, and the teeth and throat look realistic.
It is worth noting that this time the innovation lies only in the new Tifa head, the body is still the same 167cm body that was originally released.

What do you think about the release of the new Tifa sex doll, realistic mouth is a surprise or bland?

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Silicone Tifa Sex Doll Of Final Fantasy VII Ultimate Enjoyment

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