Game Lady Doll Tifa Sex Doll Review

Game Lady Sex Doll is undoubtedly the most glamorous sex doll brand this year, the wind is unbeatable, and the storm generally swept the various sex doll forums, as long as you pay attention to the field is impossible not to know the Game Lady series of sex dolls.

As a player who just upgraded to PS5 last year, I also recently purchased the classic game Final Fantasy 7 Tifa sex doll. Then let’s check what Game Lady brings to us!

Be ahead, I placed an order for this silicone Tifa with the wig, no implanted hair version. It took me over half an hour to unbox and assemble body parts. Finally, I got this Tifa sex doll in perfect situations just like Pic #3 shows. She got 4 out of 5 in my mind, both in the remake standard and the whole bodybuilding. Even she’s kind of cutie with a bald head in Pic #1.

From the whole process, this Game Lady Sex Doll Tifa got a high degree of restoration of the original game character in many aspects. The personal perspective will leave a high score to her, even if it’s so hard to be 100% remake as I’m so satisfied with this Tifa.

The rest part is object touching&checking, which basically has no big problem with the doll itself. High level of manufacture, details are coped so well, the whole production performances pretty good. No obvious mod lines, skin details like veins, mole and tone. The machine part works well the same, with smooth joints twisting, easy to pose as you want. After the adjustment, it keeps. Everything’s so good.

Regarding the cons, I personally would recommend you to get the implant hair version, which may look better or more similar somehow. The Game Lady Sex Doll Tifa’s definitely a cute one.

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