Game Lady Tifa Sex Doll Intro

Game Lady Sex Doll Tifa got fire as soon as she was released to the sex doll enthusiasts. It was definitely a good move for the Game Lady whole brand that makes it so popular nowadays.

Tifa Lockhart owns a large fan group during these years accumulation. Also plays the first main Game Lady Doll character among sex doll objects. Instantly detonated the entire sex doll industry and penetrating into the field of video games, of course, there is a lot of intersection between sex doll lovers and gamers, and there are many similarities between the two.

In the game, Tifa is actually one of the more criminally misunderstood characters in the series. Very far from the promiscuous sex symbol that most fan art project her as, she’s very subtle and sort of fades into the background but is at the emotional core of both FF7 and Advent Children, and arguably just as, if not more important than Cloud himself. These are something specific to part of male, by accident this Game Lady Doll Tifa is also a “silent” lady as well, huh!

Tifa tends not to express her feelings openly (perhaps the inspiration for the name Lockhart) and instead is actually a bit of a ‘tsundere’ (which could actually add to her sex appeal for many fans). Compared to the rest of the cast (Barret, Yuffie, Cid, and especially Aerith), she’s fairly quiet and soft-spoken.

She’s much more of a normal person than your typical JRPG female protagonist. While she’s incredibly strong and brave, she’s not as bold or brash as Lightning or Yuna. She certainly has her moments (Don Corneo’s house and her whole playable arc when Cloud is comatose) but both of these have extenuating circumstances which force her out of her shell a little bit.

Based on these factors which make her a popular character among the video gamers. So Game Lady Sex Doll launched related Tifa sex doll in several versions for these people and doll lovers, it nearly offers the possibility for them to own a “real” Tifa, for sex or display and other usage. So would you pay for the Game Lady Tifa sex doll?

Tifa’s Emotional Intelligence and Empathy

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