Gamelady Sex Doll Short Review

I ordered the Tifa doll and Tifa‘s lingerie on this site.

After receiving the Gamelady sex doll, I immediately did the unboxing, presented in front of me is a shining Tifa, for whom I’ve waited so long. After opening the outside cardboard packaging, I take on her clothes and placed her on the mat, she is in perfect condition! Amazingly beautiful!

Gamelady Sex Doll Tifa With Pu Lace Stocking Garter Short Review

The courier transport did not cause any harm to her and I carefully checked her whole body and there were no wounds. Thank you Gamelady for the professional package that brought her to my house.
I must say that I am very satisfied with her whole condition, a fascinating doll, and after months of browsing the internet, I finally chose her, a great decision!

Then I stroked her skin, so soft and smooth, and then experienced her vagina with my fingers, and there were no other problems, it should be pretty good of USING, soft and deep enough, back to this suit, after putting it on her, she became more attractive! Very suitable for her, the whole set of the way to put on and take off is also very convenient, I replaced it up by one moment.
I haven’t actually “experienced” her yet, but after receiving it so far, I’m very happy with her and give her a 4.8 out of 5.

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