GameLady Sex Doll Yuna Factory Review Photos

After GameLady doll Yuna released for over a month, I was hanging out with Yuna last Sunday, a real “sun” day, sitting on the table and feeling the breeze, and everything was perfect!

I really spend an amusable afternoon with her, eyes to eyes, sitting together with bear and snacks, maybe this is life! Hanging out with the sex doll you love most and enjoy the accompanying time.

Back to GameLady Yuna, be attentive to getting her away from the real sun! Sitting in the shadow may protect her well, or the sunlight will burn her to skin cracks. Obviously, it’s an easy mistake for our sex doll newbies, which may teach them a lesson when the doll gets damaged from that.

So as you can tell from the photos, is she the real “Yuna” in your imagine? Totally a perfect doll from my perspective. Wonderful face plus a pretty face and matched a curvy silicone torso! Every detail makes the whole doll so great! Looking forward to supplying more GameLady sex doll series by our designers.


Game Lady Ciri Sex Doll Cosplay Display

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