Is Violet Evergarden a “magic work”? What kind of expression should we use to face Violet?

Although I don’t know the public’s definition of the word “magic work”, the work of Violet Eternal Garden does not seem to meet the requirements of making everyone like it and be moved, so Violet Eternal Garden does not seem to be in the sense of the public “God made”.

However, is the Violet Evergarden a “dung plant”?

Without a doubt, absolutely not. Just because this work can make me cry and move many people, this work is definitely not a dung work. What’s more, among the many female “Asaka” friends I know, Violet Evergarden is their favorite work among the many new shows in January.

So what exactly is “Violet Evergarden”?

From the perspective of the work itself, “Violet Evergarden” is hardly a work that stands at the top of a quarter or even an annual topic. His own small and fresh work style and slow-paced single-story story system make this work a topic that the public likes or looks forward to.

However, in the eyes of some viewers, qualities like Violet have become the decisive factor in their eyes. The incomparably exquisite paintings, a unique but touching unit drama, are connected in series with the growth of the girl Violet towards “love”.

What a gentle work this is!

“Violet Evergarden” is definitely not the so-called “animation from the future”, nor is it worthless garbage in the mouth of some critics. Violet Evergarden is an excellent niche January entry. There are many people who can understand this work, but they are definitely not a small number. maybe this work

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