Lucyna Kushinada is a character profile in Cyberpunk


         Lucy (ルーシー, Rūshī)

  Voice: Yuki Bi (Japan)

  Rūshī (ルーシー) is a character who appears in the original anime “Cyberpunk Edge Walker” produced by TRIGGER.

  The main female character of this work. She is a prosthetic girl who wears eye shadow and a waistless dress. Smoking is a hobby.

  Introverted personality, do not like to talk about their past.

  Real identity is a member of the cyberpunk squad, straightforward personality, clean execution of tasks. Looks harmless, but will not hesitate to kill.

  Lovers with David.

  Believes that the City of Night is a prison and dreams of going to the moon, for which he bought a super dream at home that can simulate a real scene on the moon. The creator Rafał Jaki named Lucyna after his mother for the character, whose full name is Lucyna Kushinada, of Japanese and Polish descent.

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