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Q: What caused the Death Stranding incident?

The specific causes of Death Stranding are not clearly specified in the game, but I have a deduction of my own based on the development and description of the game, which will be discussed later. Let’s take a look at the whole death stranding trigger and happened after: the first annihilation event: in a caesarean section, an unusual event occurred. The subject of the operation was a mother who was brain dead at 7 months of pregnancy and had been kept alive by a machine. However, due to a drop in blood pressure the fetus was in danger and the decision was made to perform the operation. The surgery was broadcast live to medical institutions.

According to the video recording, the surgical incision went smoothly. But the moment the doctor removed the fetus and prepared to cut the umbilical cord short, he blurted out, “Who is this!?” A major explosion ensued at the surgical site. The post-analysis concluded that the doctor saw someone or something (later known as BT) at the moment he touched the umbilical cord, and contact with it triggered an annihilation event. In the analysis of the first annihilation event, it was proposed to restore the scene to dissect the cause of the event.

Based on this theory, the government later restored the scenes of the brain-dead mother, the fetus (“Bridge Baby”) and the umbilical cord, and conducted several experiments and investigations.
-Bridge Baby (BB): A fetus removed from a brain-dead mother at only 28 weeks of development. Because the fetus is basically fully developed at this point in time, but cannot survive on its own from the mother, it is in a non-living, non-dead state, and is thought to be able to connect the post-mortem world with the real world, leading to the emergence of BT. The experiment based on the scenario of the first annihilation event is known as the BB experiment. Manhattan Void Devouring Event: The BB experiment at that time was conducted in a government building in Manhattan, but the process is not known because of secrecy. An experiment at the time ended in tragedy, resulting in the complete annihilation of the entire island of Manhattan and the death of the President of the United States who was present to watch.

After the Manhattan incident, Vice President Brigitte Strand took over as the new president. Thereafter, a ban on the continuation of the BB experiments was decreed, and all experimental data was destroyed.
However, after that, various explosions appeared one after another all over the country. The general public at that time still did not have a clear understanding of the first annihilation as well as the Manhattan incident and believed that these explosions were terrorist attacks. However, these explosions were followed by various strange phenomena that led to the collapse of human society, a chain of events that eventually became known as the “Death Stranding”.

Q: What was the structure of society before and after the Death Stranding?

The society before the Death Stranding is the current form of human SEX DOLL society after the further development of technology. Specifically: the Internet continues to develop, human beings rely more on the Internet to survive and ignore actual social activities; AI and automation are exceptionally developed, and most of the social logistics work is handed over to automated delivery equipment; the development of the Internet technology also makes human work and production activities more fragmented, 3D printing + massive data transmission makes most of the work no longer need to collect human beings in a specific office location In addition, production activities can also be operated remotely.

All of these technological developments have brought human society to a state where it can survive almost entirely without face-to-face interaction and contact, and the demand for sex and willingness to reproduce has declined significantly. Based on this state of affairs, the U.S. government enacted a series of regulations, one of which was to require the freight transportation industry to return to a human-operated approach. An organization called Bridges was established to re-establish the links between human societies.

After the Death Stranding, human society collapsed and exposure to the outside world became a very dangerous thing due to the harmful effects of the Chiral substance and the threat of time rain. So most humans chose to hide in certain fixed locations, and the various locations lost contact with each other. Human society completely entered the point distribution, the point between the contact and the necessary material delivery completely relies on a small number of human delivery personnel to go back and forth between the various strongholds. The game’s protagonist, Sam Porter Bridges, is a delivery man. -Dooms: After the death stranding, there are a small number of people whose physique can be protected from the contamination of Chiral substances, and at the same time have physical reactions to Chiral substances and BT, These kinds of people are called dooms physique.

Sam, the protagonist, is also a Dooms body, there are levels of Dooms, the higher the level of reaction to the Kairol substances, and will appear “Chiral allergy” phenomenon, many times manifested as involuntary tears, the protagonist Sam will also be accompanied by cold tremors and contraction of the trichomes. Due to the scarcity of deliverers, the seriousness of external threats, and the mismatch between human material needs and actual capacity, the Bridges organization, led by the President of the United States, began to try to establish a new network connection – Chiral network, and to connect the scattered urban points across the North American continent.
-Chiral Network: A communication network created by humans using the nature of being connected to the beach through Chiral matter. The network takes advantage of the fact that the plutonic time stops flowing relative to real time, enabling instant communication with zero delay. And it is possible to transmit inorganic matter through the network, but it seems that someone in the game has also developed a way to transmit biomass, but the details are not specified.

The last U.S. President Brigitte Strand, in order to reconnect the North American continent, sent an expedition through Bridge to lay Chiral network terminals all the way west from the capital city of Node City, and set up network nodes in major cities as well as the original Bridge distribution center. But after the hardware facilities of the network nodes are established, they still need transmission protocols and software support such as keys to activate and access the network.

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