Violet Evergarden: You will no longer be a prop, but a person who lives up to the name

Let’s start with her name. At first, Gilbert named her Violet. But she didn’t know that the flower language of violet is eternal love. She entered the barracks with a name. The first half of her youth was a military career. Obey orders, kill enemies on the battlefield, and deprive others of love with flesh and blood. In this environment, her emotions are bound to be monotonous, and her love for Gilbert is indescribable and vague. Even if the seed of love has been planted long ago, it cannot take root in steel, fire and blood.

After losing her only love, Gilbert, Violet left the army, got the surname of Eve Garden, and came to Claudia’s postal company. The task was the exact opposite of her previous work. She must not only listen to the needs of customers, but also use her imagination to write letters with mechanical limbs to bring love to others. At the time, I didn’t know whether it was irony or kindness, because the cold prosthetic created a love that flesh and blood could not have. Later, I thought it was a kind of conservation, and her heart woke up.

From a soldier to a doll, but not enough, she has not yet become the person she claims to be. Every time she wrote a letter, she thought of Gilbert’s words, and the seeds of love broke through the ground in tears, hugs and kisses. She is still feeling and learning, there is no letter that does not have to be delivered, and there is no love that does not have to be expressed.

I’m writing here for the time being, and wait for the last movie to go online.

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Is Violet Evergarden a “magic work”? What kind of expression should we use to face Violet?

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