Yennefer With Her Background

She committed suicide as a child because of her hunchback, but was saved by Tisaya, who told her that “nothing is sadder than the tears of a sorceress” (she later taught Ciri this). She became a warlock but lost her fertility. She therefore believed that she was not worthy of love. In contrast, Geralt believed that he was incapable of love. The two of them struggled to write several books. She was very venomous, arrogant and duplicitous. Geralt left without saying goodbye.

When they met a few years later, Geralt asked her to forgive him. She said, “I will never, never forgive you.” She mocked Geralt as hard as she could. But at the end of the chapter…she forgives him. While she disliked the smell of Geralt who had just finished fighting the sewer monster, she carefully examined his body while complaining about not drinking potions indiscriminately. After the inspection, ask Geralt to take a shower.

-The water is so cold. Can you warm it up?

-No, that spell consumes too much energy and I don’t want to. (Geralt took a cold shower.)

After confirming that Geralt had finished taking a shower, she waved her hand and threw the water out of the window. The people below immediately started cursing. Geralt was helpless: Couldn’t you throw it somewhere else?

Coconut Milk: Yes, but I don’t want to, don’t want to, and I’m not in the mood. In terms of political stance, Yennefer is different from the people in the sorceress gathering. She believes that sorcerers should not interfere in politics and should not be court sorcerers like Philippa and Triss. She and her teachers Tishaia and Margaery Te also advocates that warlocks should be neutral and treat non-human beings with kindness.

Warlocks should not be superior and should use magic to help the people. She once went to Skellige to seek help in finding Ciri. When she disembarked from the ship, a pregnant woman among the onlookers suddenly had difficulty giving birth. She immediately knelt in the mud to help the pregnant woman, which won her the respect of the entire island. In order to find Ciri, countless people on the island volunteered to accompany her when she used herself as bait to embark on the road of almost certain death. She loved Xili so much and devoted all her knowledge to teaching her and guiding her. The scene of young Ciri lying on her lap like a cat and the two of them resting in the sun was the warmest part of the book for me. During the coup on Thanede Island, she asked Ciri to go first and said, “I love you, my daughter.” After the coup on Thanede Island, she was turned into a bottle and imprisoned. She was framed as the mastermind of the coup and a traitor to the north and was cast aside by everyone (Geralt also thought so). Later, when she begged the Association of Sorceresses to share information and help find Ciri, she was rejected by the Association. Her only remaining request was: to tell Geralt the truth. (The association still rejected her) She loved Geralt so much. When he was tortured by Lao Wei until his fingers were shapeless, Lao Wei’s soul connection spell found Geralt instead of Ciri he wanted. Exclaimed, “I didn’t expect you and that demon hunter to have such a deep relationship.”

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