Game Lady Review of Sex Doll Ada Wong

That’s what I got last month, and it was her, Ada Wong, who was definitely the biggest surprise I’ve had in months. So here to share some photos with you guys.

Since a few years ago I have had a wish to have a girlfriend like this. Finally, Game Lady offers such a possibility. I was very excited when the doll arrived, the entire package was in perfect condition, and after a simple assembly, I couldn’t wait to experience her.

The manufacturing of various parts of the body is great, such as the bending and twisting of the knuckles, replacing the mechanics of the head, and twisting the various limbs of the torso is easy, with some damping feeling, which should be attributed to the metal skeleton and materials it was applied.

The quality of the whole thing is similar to my previous Starpery dolls, both have intact bodies, and good feedback on the silicone material, the details are perfect, and the carving of the head, the proportions of the body, the use of materials, all the above parts amused me.

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