The Witcher 3 Character Ciri Backgroud #1

As in most fairy tales, our little princess starts out living in a castle as we can imagine that demon hunters are always very different in the fairy tale world.

Our Ciri is a princess, a princess of Sintra, and also a young lady as the leader of a state who is married to the Skellige Islands and has a pact with a demon hunter. So, compared to the same little princess, Ciri’s life is much more interesting, in addition to listening to the servant’s gossip about what they have long been promised, but also includes the annual summer and winter vacation as a princess: a boat trip to the grandfather’s old home Skellige. It can be said that Ciri is not destined to be a ladylike princess, but half of the imperial princess’s arrogance, plus half of the islands’ feminine bravado, and the kind of cuteness that comes with a lively little girl. I don’t know what the author had in mind for little Ciri, but I don’t believe the portrait in Enthir’s office, after all, little Princess Ciri managed to charm our Islands “prince” Halma (and of course the skating skills factor) and was beaten by both parents.

Due to the early disappearance of their parents, Ciri’s childhood relatively lacks affection, grandmother Carantha although she loved her, as queen she spent more time on the management of the country, also early began to take advantage of the young granddaughter’s diplomatic plans, after all, politicians need to benefit much more than emotions. And for young Ciri, her grandmother was always an imposing and even raw figure, and because of her status, Healy also had difficulty getting love from others from her elders, so it is easy to understand that she was a strong but internally insecure child.

Little Shiri’s adventure in the Brockleion Forest has changed this situation – when someone chops the giant centipede that jumped at her in a crisis, lets her ride on his shoulder, gives her a snack, tells her a story to put her to sleep, and even spanks her half-threateningly and half-jokingly despite the difference in status, what little girl who lacks a father’s love What little girl who lacks fatherly love will not take this kind stranger as her idol in life? And when she found out that he was the demon hunter that the group said he belonged to, it should not be difficult to imagine the mood.

  Unfortunately, the man who was destined to become her godfather did not want her for the time being.

  Meanwhile, the islands’ life experiences and first impressions of Jalot became the two main criteria that influenced Healy’s aesthetic – what is a handsome man? The original article can not remember, in short, tall and powerful character is the basic requirement.

  If there is no accident, our little Ciri is likely to become our game “fighting sword training” task Rosa like the girl.

  A little girl who witnessed her country fall down and her relatives and families lied in blood, we can’t even imagine how it feels after Ciri had to go through, the only certainty is that our princess finally does not see the terrible things that left a vague but extremely terrible impression in the heart of little Ciri. For her, it contained a kind of hatred and fear, but no goal.

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