Death Stranding Background And Terms

The story of the game takes place in the future not far from the current real world, according to the game part of the account. Should be at most within 100 years of the current 2019. The main reason is that many people who have experienced the current world are still alive, such as the old man along the lake node city side of this NPC, he is a Mexican immigrant in the Trump era, and looks like he is currently in his 80s.

Q: what exactly is death stranding? To understand what Death Stranding really is, first, we need to figure out a few concepts. -The concept of “ha” and “ka”: from ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians believed that human death is a process, not at a certain point in time, “life” is instantly transformed into “death”, but human beings have “ha” and “ka”, which roughly corresponds to the “body” (vessel) and “soul” (spirit?) of human beings. . When a human being faces death, the “ka” slowly leaves the “ha” and passes through a space that connects the real world with the world after death, and slowly moves toward death. Only when the “ka” has successfully reached the afterlife is the “ha” considered dead. -Beach: The game sets up a separate space based on human consciousness. It is unique to human beings, so it can be assumed that only species with “ka” or both “soul” and “consciousness” can have it.

Each individual human being has his or her own meditation beach, the embodiment of which varies according to his or her own experience or thought content. The meditations of humans who share a common experience at the same time, especially those who have experienced strong emotional resonance at the same time, will assimilate together, for example, the meditations of a large number of people who died at the same time will intersect and share one meditation. Before the phenomenon of death stranding, the beach was more often described by humans as a non-objective existence such as a “spirit world” and “space of consciousness”, but after death stranding, the existence of the beach can be objectively observed, and some human recording devices can record some of the information obtained by humans in the beach.

Things in the Underland also jump out of the “time” dimension of the display time, the flow of time and the real world correspondence is not clear, it is generally believed that in the Underland, the corresponding real-world time is stationary, but there are also examples of observation of the Underland time flow faster than reality (the game Sam was swept into Clifford’s Underland after a (After Sam was caught in Clifford’s beach, he went through a long nightmare battlefield, but only a few minutes passed in the real world)

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